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« Saturday June 26, 2010 »
Start: 06/26/2010 05:30
Start: 06/26/2010 13:00
End: 06/26/2010 15:30

Troops out of Afghanistan NOW!
Money for Human Needs - Not for War
Join the peace rally at the G8/G20 meetings in Toronto

The Canadian Peace Alliance is calling on peace groups and individuals to join us for a rally and march during the G20 meetings on June 26th, in Toronto. We will be meeting at a rally organized by our friends in the labour, environmental and social justice movements at Queens Park for a mass march through downtown Toronto. 

Start: 06/26/2010 13:00
End: 06/26/2010 17:00
Start: 06/26/2010 13:00

Confrontational Anti-Colonial, Anti-Capitalist
Convergence in solidarity with the
People’s First Demonstration
26 June 2010, 1pm, Queen’s Park
And then onwards to the Fence

Start: 06/26/2010 23:00

Saturday Night Fever is now a jail solidarity dance party!!!

Meet at the jail at Eastern and Pape at Midnight!

Don't come alone! Bring a boombox!

2010 fever is upon us! This June, the G8/G20 will be holding a world leaders summit in Toronto and are bringing with them more than 15,000 cops and soldiers to fortify the downtown core.

Saturday, June 26 is a night to reclaim our streets and show the world that Toronto is alive, empowered, and ready for a world-class party. Join us from midnight ‘till dawn for a roaming dance party with band performances, guerrilla DJ’s and live MCs.

While the cops cage our city and bring down the heat on party land, we will be marching to a different beat. Join us, and together we’ll Beat the Heat!

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