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« Sunday June 27, 2010 »
Start: 06/26/2010 23:00
End: 06/27/2010 03:00

Saturday Night Fever is now a jail solidarity dance party!!!

Meet at the jail at Eastern and Pape at Midnight!

Don't come alone! Bring a boombox!

2010 fever is upon us! This June, the G8/G20 will be holding a world leaders summit in Toronto and are bringing with them more than 15,000 cops and soldiers to fortify the downtown core.

Saturday, June 26 is a night to reclaim our streets and show the world that Toronto is alive, empowered, and ready for a world-class party. Join us from midnight ‘till dawn for a roaming dance party with band performances, guerrilla DJ’s and live MCs.

While the cops cage our city and bring down the heat on party land, we will be marching to a different beat. Join us, and together we’ll Beat the Heat!

Start: 06/27/2010 06:00


Sunday On June 27th, the G20 elite will meet to concoct new ways of ensuring that their economic and political power becomes even more deeply entrenched... off our backs and without our consent, of course. As they get down to their business, we'll get down to ours - and the only agenda we'll follow is our own. We call for diverse and creative actions against the economic and political elites setting the G8/20 agenda. It's time to show them who's boss.

Start: 06/27/2010 13:00
Start: 06/27/2010 14:00
Start: 06/27/2010 17:00

When: Sunday, June 27 2010 at 5pm
Where: Bruce Mackey Park (Dundas and Wardell) in Toronto’s east end

What: A Demonstration Against Prison. Anarchists are organizing this as a
part of the larger mobilization in opposition to the G20 meetings.

Prison is everywhere; it is nothing more than a reflection of the society in
which we live. It is a daily threat and reality that has permeated every
facet of society. With the deepening of surveillance, the integration of

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