Financial Support Needed for Legal Defense Fund!


During the G20 Summit, thousands of concerned individuals took to the streets to exercise their civil rights and voice their opposition to the meetings. We showed our power in numbers and in the strength of our convictions. The challenge we posed to the oppressive policies of the G20 caused their billion dollar bodyguards to wage war on all those who voiced their dissent.  Thousands of us experienced extreme police violence and intimidation.   Hundreds of us were arrested and detained under abysmal conditions. Many of us are still in custody. We will not let them convince us that some of our comrades are less deserving. We will not assist them in dividing our movement, in scapegoating our people, or in attacking our organizations and allies.

No one is free until we are all free.

The atrocities of this weekend were not isolated incidents but a reflection of the intimidation that members of our communities face every day. We stand in solidarity with ALL the G20 arrestees and any person taken off of their streets by oppressive and unjust forces. We will hold the police and the colonial Canadian governments responsible for stealing the freedom of all people who rightfully resist them.

The more they try to keep us down, the more we will rise up.

Please support our legal efforts, go to "support us" here:

All money goes to supporting those facing legal proceedings as a result of the G20 protests in Toronto, with priority given to those in most need.

Toronto Community Mobilization Network is asking all organizations, collectives and individuals to to hold independent fundraising events to raise money for the legal defense fund.  Transfer information is also in the "support us" section of our website.

Let us know by email what you've planned and what you've raised.

For legal information: or